4-Block Dungeon blows minds online

Smooshing two concepts together has led to many incredible innovations, but for the month of September, Apple’s ‘pet selfie AI’ will have to be satisfied with a silver medal, because 4-Block Dungeon is here with its Tetris/roguelike dungeon crawler mashup to become one of the best things to happen in recent weeks.

Indie dev @SquareAnon has been working on 4-Block Dungeon for a while, and thank goodness they took the time to flesh it out a little, because the (deceptively simple) idea is a winner – Tetris shapes are falling, and they have the ability to form a dungeon with your knight inside. You’d better be ready to multitask!

“The goal of this prototype version of the game is to collect as much loot and level up by defeating the enemies before the map gets filled to the top,” SquareDev explains. “When that happens, a portal will appear. Reaching it will mean victory.”

Take a look below, and then play it in your browser right here:

Wireframe #21 is out now

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