Battlefront 2 mod lets you play as the Mandalorian

This post contains some spoilers for The Mandalorian

We won’t get Disney’s streaming service, Disney+, here in the UK until March, but the internet continues to exist despite all our efforts, and that means Disney+’s first big TV project has already been spoiled quite relentlessly by everyone else, thanks to their ability to post stuff that your eyes can see.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian arrived on the service at the beginning of November, and is now four episodes deep, introducing us to bounty hunter Mando (Pedro Pascal) and the package he couldn’t go through with delivering to his latest cold-eyed boss, Grizzly Man director Werner Herzog. That ‘package’ has now become the web’s beautiful new child, Baby Yoda (not Yoda, and his species is not ‘the Yodas’, but this is fine for now).

The likeness of Baby Yoda (not Yoda, etc) will surely be slapped on every possible purchasable item that Disney can manage to create in the next few years, and while his space dad has ended up playing second fiddle to his cuteness, Claymaver2000 and Savager34’s Battlefront 2 mod will let you become Mando in the game by retexturing Boba Fett and adding some bits and bobs.


You can check out the new Battlefront 2 Mandalorian mod right here.

Wireframe #27 is out now

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