David Cage talks Quantic Dream’s post-Sony future

While Quantic Dream works on bringing Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human to PC via the Epic Games Store later this year, a lot of people are wondering what the French developer’s plans are once its binding Sony exclusivity deal finally expires.

Earlier in 2019, the company started expanding its platform reach with Heavy Rain’s spread to PC, but beyond that (no pun intended) no one has been quite sure how big Quantic Dream’s plans are set to be when it comes to its soon-to-be-newfound freedom.

Quantic Dream’s problematic founder David Cage recently rocked up to Gamelab Barcelona (via PlayStation Lifestyle) to chat about the company’s next steps, and it seems that with some help from recent Chinese investors like NetEase, Quantum Dream will be able to self-publish AND develop a few games at the same time going forward.

Here’s what Cage had to say about how Quantic Dream is approaching the new Sony-exclusivity-less era:

“We felt it was the right moment for the company, after 23 years and 12 years working exclusively with Sony, to follow our path and explore different directions. We wanted to create more than one game at a time; we wanted to become our publisher also, which we start with Heavy Rain on PC right now and then Beyond and Detroit that we self-publish.

“It was about starting a new journey, I think, for us, and we felt ready for it. When we met the people at NetEase, we felt they were the right people, understanding the vision we had and being able to support us in accomplishing this vision, and so we’re interested in the Asian market, we look at the mobile market. We have many different ideas and crazy things that we want to do in the near future.”

Quantic Dream is planning to ‘develop new IP, build a performance capture studio, and craft a proprietary game engine’ in the near future, but it hasn’t revealed anything about future title plans just yet.

Wireframe #16 is out now.

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