Deadly Premonition sequel announced for 2020

Today in ‘random as hell sequels’, 2010’s Lynchian open world survival horror Deadly Premonition is getting a ‘true’ sequel on Nintendo Switch in 2020. Entitled Deadly Premonition: A Blessing In Disguise, one side of the game’s story is set in present-day Boston, and follows FBI agent Aaliyah Davis as she opens an investigation into an old case and also “opens a door to the unknown. A door that also takes us back to New Orleans, 14 years ago.” The other side will centre on original FBI agent, York, who will visit Le Carré, New Orleans, in 2005, and encounter a mysterious serial murder case alongside his “friend” Zach.

> This is already sufficiently creepy, and you will probably not be able to stop us from buying it. There would have to be some serious obstacles in the way.

Original Deadly Premonition maestro Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro is back as director and writer on the sequel, it’s been confirmed, and there’s a mini trailer to sink your teeth into already. You can find it below…

In addition to news of Deadly Premonition: A Blessing In Disguise, you can now play the original game as a restyled title called ‘Deadly Premonition Origins’ on Switch. Hurrah!

Wireframe #21 is out now

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