Doom 64 set as Doom Eternal pre-order bonus game

Bethesda has announced that the remastered version of Doom 64 is to be a pre-order bonus game for customers who have – or intend to – put money down on Doom Eternal. Nintendo had previously confirmed that Doom 64 would act as a pre-order extra for the Switch release of Eternal, but this has now been spread out to include PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

1997’s Midway-developed title has long been desired for a re-release, so Bethesda know they’ll tempt a few additional buyers by tacking it onto the Eternal package.

Per the publisher: “A free Doom 64 digital download is available with any past, present, or future pre-order of Doom Eternal between now and its March, 2020 launch date.”

Switch users will now be able to purchase Doom 64 by itself on 20th March, but if they choose to grab it as part of the Doom Eternal package, they’ll have to wait for the Switch Eternal release to roll up later on.

Wireframe #24 is out now

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