Elder Scrolls Online for Switch “not going to happen”

Google revealed at Gamescom last week that The Elder Scrolls Online would be coming to Stadia, and though a release date wasn’t revealed at the time, Twinfinite has followed up with ZeniMax Online Studios Game Director Matt Firor, who has confirmed that they’re looking at the first half of 2020 right now, and that cross-play will be available.

Firor says the port has been very successful so far with Stadia-supported devices.

“Right now we’re playing it and it’s great. It’s a lot of fun and it’s like magic. It really is, just playing on a tablet …It’s very cool.”

But any notion that they’ve made progress with The Elder Scrolls Online coming to Switch was shot down.

“Not going to happen. The only way it’d work is if there was some kind of streaming service on Switch. It’s just not powerful enough.”

So, that’s that. Firor noted last year that the Switch wouldn’t be compatible with the game, so this isn’t news per se, but it indicates that a Switch port isn’t something they feel they can pursue, either.

“We have thought about Switch but ESO is an enormous game, and it just will not work,” he said at PAX Australia. “I would love for it to because I love Switch. It is one of the largest games ever made, and it just will not fit on Switch.”

The Elder Scrolls Online is expanding again with Scalebreaker on PlayStation 4 from today.

You can check out the trailer below…

Wireframe #20 is out now

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