Exciting hasty photos show PS5 controller

The pace of PS5 leaks isn’t letting up – we saw the dev kit not too long ago in all its ‘this is not what the final unit will look like’ glory, and now it’s the turn of the PlayStation 5’s controller.

In a series of clearly rushed, poor quality photos posted for all to see by someone identified as a cleaner at Ubisoft, we can see the Dualshock 5, as I’m daringly going to title it, is a bit of a chonkier unit than the PS4’s controller.

It’s not exactly an in-depth look at the controller, but it’s always nice to get a sneak peak, however limited it might be. And all the talk behind the controller is a bit more exciting than it has been in the past for joypads, as nobody seems to call them anymore.

ps5 collage

The PS5’s pad is said to feature haptic feedback, as well as a larger battery and USB-C connectivity. There’s also the rumour of a small LCD screen where the touchpad is on the DS4, which could be the case if you squint hard enough at these pics.

Of course, everything is likely to change before the release of the finished unit – the half-shown thing that probably got a cleaner fired that you see on this page isn’t guaranteed to be the finished unit. Still, as I said, always nice to get a sneak peek.

Wireframe issue 29 is out now.

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