Fancy adding music to Watch Dogs Legion?

You can potentially get some of your music in Ubisoft’s forthcoming open world action-adventure game, Watch Dogs: Legion. If successful, you could be paid up to £1590 for your tune by January 2020, ahead of the game’s release in March.

“Watch Dogs: Legion fans can collaborate with the Ubisoft team and other artists around the world to create 10 original songs that will be integrated directly into the game, enriching the world of Watch Dogs: Legion with community-created audio. Players will experience these tracks as they explore the world of the game (for example, the community’s songs may stream in a car while you’re driving around London).”

Ubisoft is once again teaming up with HitRecord for the project, so that cash sum mentioned above might be a little misleading, depending on how you go about creating something for it. With HitRecord, you can download audio that has been contributed to the site, then remix it and reupload it. Since the £1590 for each track will be split between contributors, that means there could be quite a few people up for sharesies.

It should also be noted that many game composers and developers aren’t keen on the endeavour, citing it as just another example of exploitative and underpaid spec work.

If you still want to take part, themes currently sought are ‘Dark Electronic Heist Song’, ‘Battle Anthem Metal Song’, ‘Anti-Establishment Uptempo Hip-Hop Song’, ‘Teasing Funk Pop Song’ and ‘Aggressive Grime Song’.

You can find out more about the project right here.

Wireframe #17 is out now.

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