Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series is out for PS4 and Switch on 19 April

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster brings updated versions of the first six games to PS4 and Nintendo Switch later this month.


It’s a big year for Final Fantasy, with FFXVI finally due out this June following eight years of development.

In the build-up, Square Enix has a bundle of the earliest games in the series coming to PS4 and Switch to whet our appetites. The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster takes the first six titles in the series – so that’s Final Fantasy I through to Final Fantasy VI, roman numeral fans – and gives each of them a sensitive 21st century makeover.

The original sprite-based graphics have been lightly reworked for modern displays, there are modern soundtracks from composer Nobuo Uematsu, and most enticingly, perhaps, a set of quality-of-life improvements.

Random encounters can now be turned off, and you can tweak things like the amount of XP you earn from battles to tailor the games’ pace to your liking. There are also two fonts to choose from, an updated UI, and the option to switch between the games’ original chiptune soundtracks or Uematsu’s modern, lush arrangements.

Each game will be available to purchase individually, with the first two titles in the series sold for $11.99 (£9.61 in old money) while Final Fantasies III to VI will go for $17.99 (£14.42). Alternatively, you can get the whole lot as a bundle for $74.99 (£60.13). 

The game will go live on the PlayStation Store and eShop on 19 April. If you’re a PC user, the same series came out on Steam last year – again, you can buy them individually or as a bundle.

In other recent Final Fantasy news, FFXIV’s second expansion, Stormblood, is currently available for free. You’ll need to have a subscription to Squeenix’s MMO, obviously, but if you haven’t already played Stormblood yet, now’s as good a time as any to give it a try. The offer last until 8 May.

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