Final Fantasy XVI State of Play gives us a detailed look at its systems

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Final Fantasy XVI got an in-depth showcase in last night’s State of Play, with a look at is story, world, and boss battles.


Whether long-term fans are happy with all the design decisions or not, Square Enix is evidently going all-out to attract the largest audience it can for Final Fantasy XVI. We’ve long known that the  upcoming sequel will push the franchise more firmly into action-RPG territory, and that was amply confirmed in last night’s State of Play showcase.

“While this is the 16th mainline title in the series,” the video’s narrator says, “there’s absolutely no need to have played any of the previous games before jumping in… Final Fantasy XVI has been developed as the first full action-RPG in the series.”

Whether you’re happy to embrace the more action-oriented approach, or pine for a return to the days of turn-based combat, the confidence Square Enix has shown in its 25-minute footage drop is hard to deny. Pretty much the entire video is pure gameplay, and it has to be said that FFXVI – built in Squeenix’s own Luminous Engine – looks properly stunning.

The Final Fantasy XVI State of Play video also gives us an extensive look at everything from the game’s plot – which follows protagonist Clive Rosfield through several stages of his life – to its systems to its larger, decidedly darker world. And while some purists may balk at the new real-time combat sequences, they certainly look varied, with battles spanning genres from 3D shooter to full-on brawler. Square Enix may have competition in the action-RPG arena with the likes of Elden Ring and Tears of the Kingdom around, but the sense of scale in FFXVI’s Eikon versus Eikon battles should help set it apart.

We’ll be back with more in-depth thoughts on Final Fantasy XVI very soon.

Final Fantasy XVI is out on 22 June 2023 for PlayStation 5.

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