Ittle Dew 2 suddenly delisted by Nicalis

Ittle Dew 2 has been delisted from consoles this week. It’s arguably the most recent in a series of troubling moves by the game’s California-based publisher, Nicalis, who were left exposed last month after a Kotaku report detailed myriad complaints against the company.

Dungeon crawler Ittle Dew 2 was developed by Ludosity, and CEO Joel Nyström had previously been tweeting his frustrations about the publisher, saying that Nicalis agreed to give them back their games back six months ago. This week, some action has been taken, but has merely added to the ongoing confusion for Ludosity.

“Well after the usual ghosting for a few weeks I today wake up to find that they just couldn’t be bothered, and just delisted Ittle Dew 2 from all console storefronts,” Nyström said. “Another promise to us they just straight-up broke – and a shitty move for the customers. Now I’m gonna see if I can get them de-delisted or if I have to re-publish.”

Nyström later told, “I’m glad to leave Nicalis behind me.”

Nicalis has so far offered no comment about the situation.

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