Lost Skies | the next game from the makers of I Am Bread and Worlds Adrift

lost skies

Lost Skies is billed as an open-world adventure for up to six players. It’s coming up next from I Am Bread and Worlds Adrift’s Bossa Games.


Bossa Games, the studio behind such diverse titles as I Am Bread, Surgeon Simulator and sadly defunct MMO Worlds Adrift, has announced its latest project – Lost Skies.

Billed as an open-world co-op survival game for up to six players, it takes place in a fantasy world of ancient tech and floating islands. With all those gravity-defying land masses dotted around the landscape, you’ll need an aircraft of some sort to get around; fortunately, Lost Skies’ construction system will let you build your own complex-looking and exotic craft. You’ll even be able to add cannons to turn it into the ultimate flying death fortress.

When you aren’t roaming the skies in your skyship, you’ll also be able to explore on foot and swing between masses using a handy grappling hook, like a more fantastical Spider-Man.

If all this sounds a bit like that earlier MMO, Worlds Adrift, that’s because it’s set in the same universe. Bossa boss Henrique Olifiers said as much in an interview with IGN, where described Lost Skies as a chance to re-evaluate what the studio had made in Worlds Adrift.

“We tried well to put to good use all the hindsight that we had with Worlds Adrift,” said Olifiers. “What worked, and what didn’t work, and to create a brand new game in that universe that so many people fell in love with and we never could fully realise…Hindsight is super useful. You have the advantage of going back and doing something again, but, with that experience, it’s like riding a bicycle. You never ride a bicycle well the first time you do it.”

Lost Skies is due for release at some point in 2024 for PC, but there’s potential for console ports in the future.

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