Modder creates GameCube Switch Joy-Cons

A modder has successfully built a set of fully-functioning GameCube Joy-Cons for Nintendo Switch, and after several months of working on the project, creator Shank Mods has now uploaded a detailed look at how he set about building them.

“The theory behind this project is simple: take a set of real Joy-Cons, tear them down to bare components, put them in a GameCube controller and wire buttons and sticks to the Joy-Con’s board,” he said.

“In reality, getting it all to work wasn’t so easy. It required several months of planning and hard work and also required a significant redesign of the GameCube controller’s internals, with custom 3D printed components.”

He added: “This project was so much work, but I’m really happy with how it came out.”

Check out the video below…

“These JoyCons are real, but they are not for sale. They were a pain to make, and I will not be making another set,” Shank Mods posted along with the video.

That …seems fair, yes.

Wireframe #29 is out now

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