Murder By Numbers: it’s Phoenix Wright meets Picross and Hatoful Boyfriend, and it’s out next year

Do you remember Murder By Numbers, the 2002 thriller starring Sandra Bullock as a gloomy cop and a young Ryan Gosling as an arrogant, bratty murderer?

No? Well, it doesn’t matter, because that old pot-boiler has nothing to do with Murder By Numbers, the visual novel and puzzler due out next year courtesy of publisher Mediatonic.

Set in the gaudy 1990s, Murder By Numbers sees a an actress combing a Los Angeles television studio for clues. Just who did kill her boss? To find out, she (and by extension the player) will talk to suspects, inspect crime scenes, and gather evidence by solving Picross puzzles – all with the help of a floating robot named Scout.

Behind the game, you’ll find character designs by Hato Mao, who previously brought us the delightful avian dating simulator Hatoful Boyfriend; music by Phoenix Wright composer Masakazu Sugimori, and Swords of Ditto writer Ed Fear directing the whole thing.

A game that combines upbeat visual novel, Picross puzzler and questionable 90s fashion straight out of Saved By The Bell? Sounds like it’d be a crime to miss this one.

Murder By Numbers is due for release in early 2020. Until then, here’s a trailer:

Wireframe #24 is out in stores and online now. It’s really good and you should buy a copy.

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