Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island gets a demo next week


Mythwrecked, the new game from Röki developer Polygon Treehouse, will be part of the LudoNarraCon digital festival on Steam.


LudoNarraCon 2023 is set to run on Steam from 4-8 May, and one of the highlights of the digital festival will be the release of a demo for Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island. It’s the second game from Polygon Treehouse, the studio behind 2020’s wonderful Röki. Röki is based around Scandinavian fairy tales, and we interviewed the game’s creators about the making of this gorgeous point-and-click puzzler last year.

Rather than being another point-and-click adventure, Mythwrecked is a full 3D adventure title. The press release has this to say about its setting: “In this non-violent action adventure, you’ll take on the role of Alex – a backpacker who finds herself stranded on a sun-drenched tropical island. As she gathers her bearings, she realizes that the island is inhabited by the Greek gods of myth and legend, who can’t seem to remember who they are or why they are on the Island. Alex must seek out and befriend the gods in order to solve the mystery of Ambrosia Island and find her way home.”

Mythwrecked has been written by Malindy Hetfeld (full disclosure: Malindy once contributed to this website’s previous incarnation, Wireframe magazine). Its director, Alex Kanaris-Sotiriou, said the genesis of the game arose during the Covid pandemic. “The idea behind Mythwrecked actually came out of Covid restrictions,” he said in a video. “No one could travel anywhere, no one could see their friends or their loved ones. So a game set on an idyllic, sun-drenched island where you get to meet new people and make new friendships was something we found really appealing.”

The Mythwrecked demo is between 45 minutes and 1 hour long, and will let you explore the island and meet and befriend one of the gods. Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island is currently set to be released for PC some time in 2023, with other platforms yet to be announced.

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