New Death Stranding footage unveiled at Gamescon


Gamescom’s Opening Night livestream brought in Sony and Kojima Productions for some brand new footage from Hideo Kojima’s upcoming weird-a-thon, Death Stranding, which no longer appears to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Three decent trailers are now doing the rounds, including one that introduces ‘Mama’, played by Margaret Qualley, who has given birth to a baby on the ‘other side’ – as they’re connected by umbilical cord, she can’t move.

Another trailer features Deadman (Guillermo del Toro) and Bridge Baby…

And we also got some new gameplay footage, with a quick look at Geoff Keighley’s cameo:

During the livestream, some interesting Death Stranding tidbits emerged as Kojima confirmed that the game is in the final stage of crunch. Apparently, some of the story is about reconnecting the U.S. from west to east, and that will involve fighting terrorists. You can also make friends with ‘preppers’ along the way, and this will be to your advantage. Probably one of the most unnerving gimmicks is that you’ll have to use the DualShock 4’s motion control to calm down your Bridge Baby – but you won’t want to shake it too aggressively, as the baby won’t be happy about it. Heavy Tamagotchi vibes, and that’s all before you get to the interdimensional breastfeeding.

Oh, you’ll also be able to pee when you’re playing as Sam (Norman Reedus). The pee can be weaponised, and if lots of people pee in the same area, it will encourage things like mushroom growth.

We are not making this up.

Wireframe #20 is out now

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