New Saints Row game confirmed by THQ Nordic

THQ Nordic, the ‘Homer in The Land Of Chocolate’ of video game publishers, has revealed that a new Saints Row game is in the works, and provided an update on Dead Island 2.

A new first quarter report covers THQ Nordic’s successes in April-June 2019, and confirms that the company and its subsidiaries, Deep Silver and Coffee Stain, managed to rack up a 33% year-on-year sales growth, with net sales of around $67 million.

The report also noted that Volition is “deep in development” on a new Saints Row title, which is set to be a “full entry” in the popular series. The last (proper) Saints Row game to see the light of day was 2013’s Saints Row IV.

In reference to the ongoing saga of Dead Island 2, however, THQ stated that Homefront: The Revolution developer Dambuster Studios is now tinkering with the upcoming survival horror action RPG. Dambuster Studios are the third team who have waded in to have a crack at bringing Dead Island 2 to life, after Yager Development and Sumo Digital previously worked on it.

THQ is also actively working on the TimeSplitters IP. Deep Silver snagged the TimeSplitters license in 2018, and this new report has confirmed that TimeSplitters veteran Steve Ellis has climbed aboard to “help plot the future course for this franchise”.

We’ll likely learn more about all these intriguing announcements before the year is out.

Wireframe #19 is out now

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