Overwatch team hope animated series and movie will happen

Though Blizzard forges on with development on Overwatch 2, the company is still keen to expand the game into its very own expanded universe full of spinoff media for fans of the team-based shooter to consume.

Overwatch’s lead designer and Blizzard VP Jeff Kaplan recently spoke with Edge magazine (via PCGamesN) about what kind of dreams they have for the IP in the future.

“We’ve always thought of Overwatch as a universe, not a single game,” Kaplan said. “The original game was the first expression of Overwatch, but we dream of what other forms of media could feature Overwatch. Movies? An animated series? What other game types would everyone love to see in the Overwatch universe? We hope that the characters of Overwatch exist far into the future and are expressed in ways that we can’t even imagine today.”

It’s no secret that Activision Blizzard have been actively interested in developing an Overwatch movie for a while, but how close those fantasies are to reality remains unclear.

Meanwhile, glimpses of Overwatch 2 have revealed that Blizzard will be embracing more of a cinematic, Avengers-esque vibe with the sequel.

“There’s a lot of reverence in the story room towards Marvel content,” admitted Lydia Bottegoni, senior vice president of story at Blizzard.

A release date for Overwatch 2 has yet to be announced.

Wireframe #28 is out now

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