Redfall | PC version gets hundreds of ornery reviews on Steam

Redfall reviews

Redfall is currently rated ‘Mostly Negative’ on Steam following hundreds of reviews from PC users. 


Out today for Xbox Series X/S and PC, Arkane Studios’ much-anticipated shooter, Redfall, has received some mixed responses so far. In reviews high on vampire-related puns (“Low stakes,” “lacks bite”), critics seem to broadly point to a multiplayer FPS that’s enjoyable but not exactly an unqualified success. On Metacritic, the shooter has an aggregate score of 64 – exactly the same score Square Enix’s Forspoken received in January.

Over on Steam, meanwhile, the response is far less equivocal: with 519 reviews at the time of writing, Redfall is currently rated as “Mostly Negative”.

In a review titled, “Why do developers think they can charge $70 for games like this,” a user named Sean cited “pathetic” AI, clunky controls and an “empty” world as reasons for giving the game a negative review.

“Another strong contender for worst PC port of the year,” wrote another user. “How did Arkane regress from Dishonored to this?”

Not all of the hundreds of Redfall reviews appearing on Steam are negative, it should be pointed out. Some users have given it a “Recommended” score – though even some of these pick the odd fault with the game, most notably its co-op (“They need to get public servers and allow public hosting if they want co-op to happen,” one reviewer writes).

Redfall is but the latest in a string of disappointing PC ports to appear in 2023 so far. Digital Foundry recently described Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – a game that is otherwise excellent on consoles – as the “worst triple-A port of 2023.”

The Last of Us Part 1′s transition to PC was laden with all kinds of bugs and glitches – including one fantastically bizarre issue that caused characters to perspire uncontrollably at the most inappropriate moments. As patches were hastily rolled out, Naughty Dog was forced to step forward and publicly apologise for not providing a port of “the quality level you expect and deserve.”

Arkane hasn’t yet responded to users’ complaints about the PC version of Redfall at the time of writing.


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