Self help app accused of copying Gris

Self help app Fabulous has been accused of ripping off Nomada Studios’ critically acclaimed Gris for one of its new promotional videos.

Devolver Digital outed Fabulous in a Tweet this week that compared the two games and stated “The Fabulous app (@GetTheFabulous) ripped off Gris and is (a) reminder to all devs to be mindful of big companies and brands stealing creative work from smaller studios.”

You can see the two clips side by side below…

Fabulous CEO Sami Ben Hassine has been in contact with both Devolver and Gamasutra, telling the outlet that the company has removed the video and that any similarity to Gris was unintentional.

“Fabulous has a mission to help people lead healthier lives, and we started this 5 years ago. From the very beginning, and as we are gamers ourselves, we were inspired by games like Journey, Monument Valley, and books like the Little Prince or The Alchemist, to create our universe,” said Hassine.

“We have a team of 2 artists and freelancers, and that video was created a few months ago. We’re still investigating this as all of this has been sudden, but any wrongdoing from our side is not intentional. It might be that one of our artists or freelancers got inspired by a game that they liked.”

This is a developing story.

Wireframe #25 is out now

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