Shovel Knight Kickstarter relaunching next month

Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duels launched its Kickstarter on 2nd July, making $46,000 of its $80,000 goal in the first week, but by 10th July, the campaign to give Shovel Knight a tabletop game had been cancelled.

After getting some feedback from people interested in the project, Panda Cult Games decided to reassess the campaign, and have now posted an update on its relaunch, which will take place next month.

“As a small team, it’s supremely important to us to care about what we do and what we are working on, as well as treating it with the proper respect it deserves,” the developer wrote. “We believe this campaign can be better, and we have plans to improve it and open it up to a much wider audience with a more cost-friendly version to boot!”

Panda Cult are going to introduce a lower tier in the KS pledges, as a lot of people thought the previous £56-ish single tier was a bit much. As a consequence, their admittedly lovely original Shovel Knight models will now be standees in the cheaper tier game.

“We feel like this is the right decision for this campaign, and feel confident that a relaunch will do Shovel Knight proud,” they said. “We also hope you agree! As backers, we cannot thank you enough for your support and input. It means a ton to us at Panda Cult Games, because without you, our dreams couldn’t become a reality!”

2D side-scroller Shovel Knight was released by Yacht Club Games after a successful Kickstarter in 2014, and has since been made available across most platforms. The excitement for a board game version was very real, but some potential investors have been wary of the new project, due to a lack of information about the game’s finer features. Panda Cult intend to be more forthcoming with the Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duels details upon relaunch.

Wireframe #18 is out now

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