Silent Hills characters might have sent you emails or texts when you were offline

Silent Hills, the scariest game that never was, continues to reveal terrifying layers in 2019. Fairly recent hacks uncovered a decapitated bath corpse in the game’s demo, P.T., and also revealed that its hostile ladyghost Lisa WAS BEHIND YOU THE WHOLE TIME.

But Hideo Kojima’s nixed Konami franchise instalment still has unsettling information lingering from its pre-development phase, if a rumour heard by former IGN writer and current Inside Gaming producer Alanah Pearce has any truth to it.

A while back, Pearce was told that, should it have come to fruition, Silent Hills would have had the ability to send you emails or texts from the characters …when you were offline.

Nope. Nope nope nope. NO.

At this point, we’re starting to be quite relieved that Silent Hills never made it past P.T., and that Kojima spent the next few years working on Death Stranding instead, because we don’t think we would have ever recovered from playing it.

Wireframe #27 is out now

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