Splash Damage announces open-world survive-’em-up, Project Astrid

Splash Damage

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Brink developer Splash Damage is working on a new survival game, Project Astrid. Its announcement is joined by some incredible moustaches.


British developer Splash Damage has real pedigree when it comes to online multiplayer, having worked on those modes for such games as Doom 3, Batman: Arkham Origins and Gears of War 4. In between, it’s also launched standalone titles like Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Brink.

The studio’s moving into slightly different territory with Project Astrid, a “triple-A, open-world survival game”, and Splash Damage’s first new intellectual property since 2013’s free-to-play shooter, Dirty Bomb.

Other details about Project Astrid are in short supply, with Splash Damage’s big announcement focusing instead on its collaboration with two popular Twitch streamers, Mike ‘shroud’ Grzesiek and Chris ‘Sacriel’ Ball; the upcoming game’s press release came with several photos of the pair, posing with Project Astrid creative director Lance Winter. And, we must say, Winter and Sacriel are the owners of the finest moustaches you’ll see this side of Wyatt Earp.

Facial adornments aside, bringing Sacriel and shroud into the Splash Damage fold will, the developer hopes, help them create a new experience that’ll excite their target audience. “Bringing in the guys right at the start of the process allows us to use their knowledge and experience,” the firm’s publishing head said in a press release, “collaborating with them to make something truly new in the genre.”

Project Astrid isn’t the only game Splash Damage has in the works, either. There’s also Transformers: Reactivate, an online action title where up to four players play as resurrected Autobots. Its closed beta is planned for later in 2023.

As for Project Astrid, we can only guess at what Splash Damage and its Twitch collaborators have in store. We just hope that moustaches figure as heavily in the finished product as they do in its announcement materials – now that really would be something new for the survival genre.



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