Switch Lite launch nets disappointing sales figures in Japan

nintendo switch successor

A new report from Media Create reveals that the Nintendo Switch Lite only shifted 160,000 units in its first week on sale over in Japan, and far from immediately taking over as the Switch of choice, the original console sold 12,000 more units than it had the previous week, reaching 64,000.

Via GI.biz, Citibank had forecast 300,000 sales of the Lite during its Japanese launch, so this must sting quite a bit, and surely as a result of the Lite’s disppointing first week, Nintendo’s stock also fell by 4.37%.

A Citibank analayst, Minami Munakata, spoke of the potential cause of the situation when the Japan launch figure was said to be at around 114,000.

“Casual gamers that could be drawn to the new console are unlikely to rush to buy the console immediately after…launch,” she said. “Still, it could be that the Switch Lite is attracting fewer casual gamers than we presupposed.”

There may be some upswing as potential Switch buyers consider opting for a Lite, however, the full impact of the launch on Nintendo’s future plans will not be truly revealed for some time, and with Christmas on the way, there’s still much to play for.

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