Untitled Goose Game completed in 3.46 minute speedrun

Melbourne-based developer House House only released Untitled Goose Game just last week, but buoyed by an overwhelmingly positive reaction from those who’d already played it, and a fundamental human desire to be a total git, within a few days everyone and their mum was enjoying living their life as a horrible goose, and repeatedly typing the word “honk!” into every social media platform available.

Though the game’s still essentially brand new, players are already destroying each other’s speedrun records, and Monday’s 6 minute+ playthrough by MonkeyKingHero has already been smashed by Seijouf, who has managed the entire thing in Any% – with the help of some serious glitches – at 3.46 minutes.

There are of course spoilers in the video of the achievement, should you choose to watch it below…

Untitled Goose Game is out now for Switch, PC and Mac. The goose memes will continue until morale improves.

Wireframe #22 is out now

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