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Hello and welcome to whynow Gaming, a new website dedicated to everything that is fascinating, creative, and downright strange about video games. Just as our main site, whynow, takes an informed, witty, lively approach to arts, entertainment and culture, whynow Gaming will celebrate video games as a unique artform: a complex, discipline-spanning, bewitching, sometimes baffling artform.

Gaming is the kind of medium that can meditate on the subject of death, but also has us landing a plane upside-down in the middle of a busy road, or running away from grizzly bears. Games can be meaningful and meaningless; sophisticated and clangingly basic; breathtaking and breathtakingly silly. whynow Gaming will be here to guide you, dear reader, through all of it. Or as much as our twitchy fingers can keep up with.

You may have noticed from the masthead above that whynow Gaming is also powered by Wireframe magazine, which ended its print run in January 2023. After the brand’s acquisition by whynow, it lives on here in digital form, like a rectangular Force ghost.

For those who don’t know, Wireframe magazine was originally published by Raspberry Pi (yes, the company that makes those cool little computers). Focusing on indie games and development, it covered everything from the latest releases to the minutiae of level design. Eventually, you’ll find every issue archived on this site, free to download as a PDF (or you can throw us a few coins to support our writing if you’re feeling generous). Until our scientists perfect that bit of the site, there are plenty of our old features and other pieces stored for posterity in HTML form here, too.

We also like to think we’re keeping a little bit of Wireframe’s style and atmosphere going here at whynow Gaming. Not only will you find plenty of great, incisive writing about new and upcoming titles, but also features, interviews and opinion pieces that cheerfully delve into the geekiest niches of our favourite hobby. Oh, and you’ll probably find a few bad jokes and puns sprinkled in here, too, so we apologise in advance for those.

As the old saying goes, “let the games start!” (Psst: that’s not how the old saying goes – Ed.)

Best wishes

Ryan Lambie (editor) and the whynow Gaming Team


  • Jimmy Bowers says:

    Nice to see the spirit of Wireframe continue! Looking forward to seeing what this evolves into.

  • Simon says:

    You had me at the RoboCop screenshot.

  • Russell Barnes says:

    Congratulations, Ryan (and team). Fantastic to see Wireframe live on (rectangular force ghosts and all). All the best for the future – I’ll be reading!

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