Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom gets tanks, bombers and mechs

zelda tanks

Players have already created a fantastic array of tanks and other war machines in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – even a Trojan horse.

Since The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom launched on Friday, players have been busy making a fantastic array of unlikely machines using the game’s powerful creation tools. Frankly, we’re astonished at what people have been able to create in such a short space of time, seeing as we’ve barely made it past the opening section. Do these people not sleep?

Aside from the wacky/morbid crucification of a Korok, one of the most astounding builds we’ve seen so far is a fully functional mech. A TikTok video by SoulBanana shows the terrifying machine in action, taking down a Bokoblin camp in a flurry of enormous explosions.

The way the mech has been made to stay upright is probably the most impressive part of this, using wheels and counterweights to stop it toppling over. Amazing stuff.

Then there are the players who have been making terrifying tanks and bombers. SuperPixel on TikTok posted a video showing the ‘evolution of Zelda warfare’. It begins with ‘Level 1: Medieval’, showing a wooden wheeled vehicle with spikes. Then it shows the next level, a moving gun, followed by an armoured tank and a ‘prism tank’, which has a battery of lasers. Finally it shows ‘Level 999: Bombing Run’, featuring a hovering plane dropping bombs on enemies.


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We’ve also seen some less effective, yet perhaps more charming forms of warfare. RobFletch1393 shared an image of a wonderfully wonky Trojan horse rolling up the gates of Ganon’s castle, with Link waiting inside. Seems like a long shot, but it might just work.

Given that most players are probably still at the stage of sticking logs together to make a wobbly raft, the sheer complexity of these tanks and other constructions is a sight to behold. We can only imagine what kinds of things we’ll start to see in the coming months as people experiment even more with what the Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom creation tools can do.

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