Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom | new site will help you build intricate machines

tears of the kingdom build

Struggling to build stuff in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? A new website shows you how to build tanks, buggies, mechs and more besides.


If you’ve used social media at all over the past few days, you’ll have probably seen the mildly awe-inspiring array of stuff people have been building in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Despite only launching on 12 May, Tears of the Kingdom has seen players build everything from tanks to giant mechs to trojan horses. Let’s face it, though: not all of us are natural born engineers, and for every player who has the imagination and skill to build a fully-featured war machine, there are hundreds of players who can only just stick enough bits of wood together to make a raft.

For that second group of players, new website zeldabuilds.gg (thanks, Gamespot) is here to help. It has a range of vehicles and other contraptions on its front page, and clicking each one will give you a list of the materials you’ll need to build them.

If you want to build an attack helicopter, for example, the site tells us that you’ll need 10 fans, five wooden beams, two wooden rectangles, and one wooden wheel.

Built by Daniel Luu, who has form when it comes to making game-adjacent sites, zeldabuilds.gg still appears to be in its early stages, with some parts lists more complete than others. The Korok Kannon (patent pending), for example, currently only has ‘four springs’ on its bill of materials, whereas a glance at the accompanying image shows that you’ll need far more than that.

If more vehicles and full parts lists are added over time, though, the site could ultimately prove to be a handy resource for players who are struggling to build their own combat buggy or attack helicopter.

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