Blood West | Chapter 3 trailers tease December’s full release

blood west

New footage of environments and weapons provides a glimpse of stealth FPS Blood West's upcoming Chapter 3, out in December.


If you miss the angular polygons, harsh challenge and general lack of handholding found in such PC games as S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or Thief, then Blood West should definitely be on your radar.

A hybrid of first-person shooter and stealth, Blood West is a horror western that positively drips with gore and tension. We had a chance to play it at the Develop:Brighton conference in July, and felt suitably chastened that we hadn’t gotten to grips with it sooner.

Developed by a surprisingly small team at Warsaw-based developer-publisher HyperStrange, Blood West has been in Early Access since February 2022, and is due to get its full release on 5 December this year. As a tease for the content that will coincide with that December launch, HyperStrange has provided an early glimpse of Chapter 3 – an update that includes some shadowy new environments, additional hideous monsters, and a bunch of new weapons to slaughter them with.

Zombie-like creatures shamble among covered wagons cowering in benighted forests, while glowing spirits circle abandoned stone buildings. Most formidable of all is a critter simply called the Demon – the “skittering sound of the steps of its stilt-like legs are bloodcurdling to anyone nearby,” the developer tells us. “Beware, as in a melee fight they’re capable of ripping’ you to flinders.”

Among the new weapons, there’s the Spite, “a unique bow covered in thorns and spikes” which forges arrows from your own blood. The result is a supernaturally accurate weapon that also needs to be used sparingly – what with you needing blood to live and things like that. There’s also a shotgun called the Sentence, which allows you to recover a bit of health each time you gun down an enemy – handy, given that most creatures in Blood West will kill you in just a few hits.

You can read more about Blood West Chapter 3 over on Steam, though bear in mind it may contain some spoilers if you haven’t played the game already.

Blood West releases on PC via Steam on 5 December.

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