Lego Animal Crossing sets are on the way

Lego Animal Crossing teaser trailer

Lego and Nintendo have announced Lego Animal Crossing with a teaser trailer showing the Animal Crossing residents in minifigure form.

Nintendo and Lego have teased a new collaboration: Lego Animal Crossing. A short CG trailer shows Isabelle, Tom Nook and various other stars of Animal Crossing: New Horizons in minifigure form.

No other details have been released so far, although the teaser trailer seems to confirm that the sets will feature minifigures – something that was missing from Lego’s recent collaboration with Nintendo for the Lego Super Mario range. Although the chunky electronic Mario that came with the Lego Super Mario sets was innovative, many were disappointed at the lack of minifigure versions of Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad, et al.

The unveiling of the minifigures seems to indicate that the range might be more akin to traditional Lego sets. And it seems to us that Animal Crossing, with its infinitely customisable island and houses, is the absolute perfect fit for a Lego tie in. We’d pay good money for a Lego version of Blathers’ museum.

Although we have no firm details on what sets will be available, Brick Fanatics has reported on rumours that the launch date could be in March 2024, and that five sets will be launched in the first wave, ranging in price from €14.99 to €74.99. In addition, the rumours suggest there might be an additional two Animal Crossing Brickheadz figures.

As you can imagine, the reception to the news that Lego Animal Crossing is on the way has been fairly ecstatic among fans of the series, of which there are many: sales of Animal Crossing: New Horizons hit 42.79 million in June this year. I expect the demand for these Lego sets is going to be absolutely huge.

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