LEGO teases 2K Games’ upcoming arcade racer

Lego 2k racer

LEGO and 2K Games tease their upcoming arcade racer, rumoured to be called LEGO 2K Drive.


A vehicle – possibly a bus, we’re not sure – is just about to careen through a barrier onto an incomplete stretch of road when the footage is suddenly cut short. As teasers go, LEGO’s recent one for its upcoming driving game is about as vague as they come – it doesn’t even give us an official title. Instead, we’re introduced to news anchor Vikki Wheeler, who tells us that a bigger reveal for a”LEGO 2K driving game” is on its way on 23 March.

It’s possible that LEGO and developer 2K Games may have had their hand forced somewhat by recent leaks. Just a couple of days ago, a Reddit post described a game called LEGO 2K Drive, a “PVP multiplayer” racing game in the vein of Mario Kart.

A series of images also appeared on Imgur: swiftly taken down, they showed a variety of quirky vehicles, including cars shaped like armoured skulls and a truck with a propeller on the front, a well as a handful of courses that take in farmland, desert and swampland.

The teaser comes just after a year after word got out that 2K Games was partnering with LEGO on a series of sports games – VGC broke that particular story – and that an “open world LEGO racing game” was in the works at developer Visual Concepts. Clearly, the teaser above is that racing game.

Other games reportedly in the works include a LEGO football game, developed by Sumo Digital; the rumour was that its release would coincide with the FIFA World Cup, but the game failed to materialise. The emergence of a LEGO minifigure of a footballer, complete with 2K Games branding, add weight to the theory that a LEGO football game is still in development, though.

As for LEGO 2K Drive – if that is indeed its title – we’ll be hearing more official details on that front soon. We’ll keep you posted.

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