New Call of Duty game “already generating excitement” in playtests

The Call Of Duty franchise once again kept Activision-Blizzard afloat in 2019, it’s been revealed in a new earnings call between the publisher and its investors.

In the call, Activision-Blizzard confirmed that its plans for this year include alpha testing for Diablo Immortal, updates for World of Warcraft Classic, “a number of remastered and reimagined titles” in the pipeline and, naturally, a new Call of Duty entry in the final months of 2020, which they are already buzzing about thanks to some early tinkering.

“The franchise has never been better positioned for growth and there’s more to come, including entirely new experiences within the Modern Warfare universe and then of course, in Q4 this year, a new premium Call of Duty release which is already generating excitement in our playtests,” president and chief operating officer Coddy Johnson said on the call.

Chief financial officer Dennis Durkin added: “We can’t wait to unveil what our teams have been working on and we feel great about the content, although as is customary, we are prudently assuming lower sell-in in Q4 versus Modern Warfare this past year.”

Indeed, though Activision Blizzard’s net revenues were down 13% after a full report on the events of 2019, the company is predicting that 2020’s revenue total will be a little bit less than that. They did note, however, that they’d rather predict “conservative” numbers than disappoint investors later on if they didn’t reach more overly confident targets.

Wireframe #31 is out now

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