Official Pokémon forum launches – and is immediately filled with trolls

Surprised Pikachu meme

The offical Pokémon forum was quickly spammed with posts on inappropriate topics as moderators struggled to keep up.

Recently, an official Pokémon community forum was launched. And in addition to the expected topics, like ‘which is your favourite Pokémon’ and ‘what is the best Pokémon game’, there were a whole load of more unsavoury discussions under way.

Commentators on Twitter were quick to point out that moderators appeared to be struggling to keep up with the deluge of questionable forum topics being created. One highlighted a topic entitled ‘what pokemon do you think did 9/11’. Other topics were simply strange, such as: ‘If all pokemon were trapped in a sensory deprivation chamber, which one would stay sane the longest?’

Inevitably, people began asking ‘Which Pokémon is the hottest?’, and started confessing their horny thoughts, like ‘I am immeasurably attracted to gardevoir’ and ‘did you guys ever have crushes on the human characters when u were younger’. One topic was simply titled: ‘Who in the world thought this was a good idea’. A pertinent question, judging by some of the site’s content.

But perhaps the highlights of the Pokémon forum free-for-all were the oddball topics. ‘what pokemon would be the best at operating a Hyundai 25L-7 forklift’ is a particularly notable one. The specificity is what really elevates it. ‘Which pokemon is the best at filing taxes’ is another highlight.

However, it seems all the crazy fun is over now. Checking in on the Pokémon forums today, it looks like the moderators are winning their battle to get commentators to adhere to the site’s community guidelines, which include ‘no foul language or inappropriate themes’. The current roster of forum topics is decidedly more anodyne.

It’s probably for the best, seeing as a large number of children will be visiting the forums. But the Pokémon forum free-for-all certainly put a few smiles on people’s faces while it lasted.

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