Remnant II trailer shows off its gnarly fantasy world

Remnant II trailer

Remnant II, the Soulslike shooter sequel from Gunfire Games, has a new trailer that shows off its otherworldly landscapes.


Since Remnant: From the Ashes sold an unexpectedly chunky 3 million copies following its launch in 2019, Gunfire Games has been working away on a sequel.

Remnant II, once again a Soulslike survival shooter set in a monster-infested post-apocalypse, is due for release this year, and its creators have been gradually sharing more details following its announcement in 2022. The game once again takes place in a procedurally-generated world, but Gunfire Games has evidently gone much further with the randomisation this time around. As well as the environment, quests and bosses are all randomly generated, meaning no two play-throughs will be alike.

A new trailer shows off Remnant II’s world, Yaesha, and the surprisingly varied terrain it takes in. As you can see, there are the fallen temples of a lost civilsation, misty forests teeming with exotic fauna, and skies dotted with flying islands. Flying islands really are an evergreen staple of video games by now, aren’t they? I blame Jonathan Swift.

The fantastical inter-dimensional environments were some of the strongest elements in the original Remnant – more interesting to wander around in than its post-apocalyptic Earth, certainly. It’s not yet clear whether Remnant II will take in any of the first game’s other worlds, or whether it will stick to Yaesha, which also appeared in the original.

One thing that is reappearing from the first game is a co-op mode, with up to three players able to team up and take on the game’s quests and boss battles.

If you missed Remnant the first time around, it’s worth checking out – and if you’re a Nintendo Switch owner

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