Sony unveils a new-look PlayStation 5 with a removable disc drive

The new-look PlayStation 5

A new, smaller version of the PlayStation 5 is set to replace the current version, and will be available in the US from November.

Sony has revealed that a new version of the PlayStation 5 is on the way, which will replace the current one after the remaining stocks have sold out.

Just like the original PlayStation 5, the new-look console will come in two versions: one with an HD Blu-Ray disc drive, and a Digital Edition without a disc drive. However, a key difference is that the disc drive is now removable and available to purchase separately, so people who buy a PS5 Digital Edition will be able to add on a disc drive at a later date, should they so wish. It also means that it will be easy to replace the disc drive should it ever develop a fault years down the line.

Credit: Sony

However, for UK purchasers, the prices will remain exactly the same as for the current-generation PlayStation 5: £479.99 (€549.99) for the PlayStation 5 with disc drive, and £389.99 (€449.99) for the PS5 Digital Edition. But US buyers will see a price hike: although the cost of the new-look PlayStation 5 with disc drive will remain the same as the original at $499.99, the Digital Edition will now cost $50 more than previously at $449.99. The Blu-Ray disc drive on its own will cost £99.99 (€119.99, $79.99).

The new PlayStation 5 is a little bit smaller than the launch version, with a 30% smaller volume and a 18% decrease in weight for the disc drive version (which goes up to 24% for the PS5 Digital Edition). It also has a slightly more storage with a 1TB SSD, compared with the 825GB SSD in the original PS5.

Credit: Sony

The design, meanwhile, sticks closely to the original template, with the main difference being that the sides of the console are now split into four removable panels – two glossy, and two matt. Sony has said that beginning in early 2024, console covers will be available to change the look of the console to various colours: Black, Volcanic Red, Cobalt Blue and Sterling Silver, with additional colours to come later. Prices for the console covers will start from £44.99 (€54.99, £54.99).

Credit: Sony

But perhaps the biggest change is that the new-look PlayStation 5 now apparently needs a vertical stand (image above) to stay upright, which is available to buy separately for £24.99 (€29.99, £29.99). However, the console will come with a horizontal stand, which you can see part of in the image below.

Credit: Sony

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