Suika Game | Japanese viral hit gets a western Switch release

Suika Game key art

Suika Game has reached 2 million downloads on Switch in Japan, and now the surprise hit title has made its way to the west.

Suika Game (aka Watermelon Game) has become a huge hit in Japan after being picked up by streamers, and now it’s available on Switch in the west.

The game was originally released by the developer Aladdin X back in 2021, but it’s only in the past few months that the game has really taken off, after being championed by Japanese streamers. Famitsu reports that Suika Game was downloaded 1 million times on Switch in the month up to 6 October, and then another million times in the 10 days after that, for a total of 2 million downloads in Japan.

Now, Suika Game has officially been released on Nintendo eShop in the west, with the game priced at £2.69 in the UK. Although interestingly, it’s still only available in Japanese. As you can see from the video below, however, it’s one of those games you can enjoy without needing to be able to read the language:

Suika Game is a simple puzzler where you have to drop various fruits into a box, starting with small ones such as cherries and strawberries. Identical fruits will combine into a larger fruit when they touch each other, with the largest fruit being a watermelon. But there’s an enticing element of randomness in that the fruits roll around as they settle at the bottom of the box, sometimes rolling away from your intended placement.

This gently exciting and infuriating gameplay combines with some pleasantly soporific background music to create something that it’s easy to end up watching for hours – it’s little wonder Suika Game has become a huge hit with streamers like Ludwig.

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