The Password Game is delightfully unhinged

Password Game screenshot

The Password Game, new browser experience from Neal Agarwal, takes the mundanity of choosing a password to nonsensical, hair-tearing extremes.


We’re all familiar with the frustration of choosing a password. ‘Your password is too short.’ ‘Your password must include a special character.’ ‘Your password must include an upper case letter.’

The Password Game by Neal Agarwal takes that daily frustration and runs with it to nonsensical extremes. This is a password selection screen where the computer actively hates you, and will frustrate your every attempt to actually enter a password.

It starts off innocently enough, with the usual requests to enter a number, special character, and so on. And then it goes off the rails. Soon you’re asked to enter the name of the site’s sponsor, or do maths in roman numerals. At one point, your password catches fire. In terms of humour and obtuse challenges, it reminds us (just a little) of the magnificent Hypnospace Outlaw.

To say more would be spoiling the surprises that The Password Game has in store, and there really are some brilliant, unexpected twists as you get further and further down this site-security rabbit hole. Often you’ll have to navigate away from your browser to search for answers, or pause to ponder the arcane rule you’ve just been given and how to interpret it. Getting to the end will require some serious perseverence. I’m tempted to call it the Dark Souls of browser games.

You can try it for yourself for free. Oh, and note that some of the rules require using emojis, so unless you have emojis set up on your computer, I’d recommend playing on your mobile phone.

Neal’s other browser games can be found here – and if The Password Game is getting a bit too much, Space Elevator is a great way to unwind.

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