The Pope’s Exorcist sneaks in a symbol from Dragon Age: Inquisition

The Pope's Exorcist

Russell Crowe horror The Pope’s Exorcist contains an unexpected cameo: a symbol last seen in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Here’s an odd thing. Twitter user Kelgrid’s Rancid Vibes has pointed out that the Russell Crowe movie The Pope’s Exorcist features a symbol that’s found in the BioWare game Dragon Age: Inquisition. It seems the film is using the symbol as a stand in for the real-life symbol of the Spanish Inquisition.

Kelgrid notes that Twitter user Fleur Bleue spotted the cheeky appropriation, although it seems it was first noticed around a week ago by Reddit user MoonxCakex.

The real symbol of the Spanish Inquisition – or the Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition to give it its full name – is quite different, and features a cross with an olive branch on one side and a sword on the other, all contained in an oval. In the Dragon Age game, however, the symbol of the Inquisition features a sword behind an eye which has tendrils or flames emanating from it, depending on how you interpret them. The symbol in The Pope’s Exorcist is almost exactly the same. I guess someone on the film’s production team is a Dragon Age fan.

It’s not the first time BioWare has made the news recently: last week, the lead writer of the Dragon Age series said that writers had become “quietly resented” at the company by the time he left.


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