There’s an Official Stardew Valley Cookbook in the works

Stardew Valley screenshot saying 'You learned how to cook complete breakfast'.

Thanks to The Official Stardew Valley Cookbook, we will finally find out what constitutes a Complete Breakfast.


Fans of Stardew Valley will soon be able to recreate the recipes seen in the game in real life, thanks to The Official Stardew Valley Cookbook.

Due for release on 16 April 2024, the official cookbook has been created by the game’s developer, Eric Barone (also known as ConcernedApe), alongside Ryan Novak, who also penned the Stardew Valley Guidebook with Kari Fry.

The recipes included in the cookbook include Complete Breakfast (made with fresh early spring rhubarb), Farmer’s Lunch, Survival Burger, Pumpkin Soup, Seafoam Pudding and Pink Cake, and there’s also the Strange Bun, which I’m particularly intrigued to learn about. What exactly constitutes a Strange Bun?

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Stardew Valley recipe book of this type: back in early 2020, fans created an unofficial version, and various YouTube channels have offered their own recipes for things like Pink Cake. But thanks to the official book, we’ll finally discover how Stardew Valley’s creator thinks these meals should be made.

The Official Stardew Valley Cookbook is available to preorder on Amazon for $28 in hardback or $13.99 on Kindle, although at the moment it only seems to be available on the US Amazon site.

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