Wipeout | Fan remaster finally brings the terrible PC port up to scratch

Wipeout Phantom Edition remaster

Wipeout Phantom Edition is a remaster that completely overhauls the lacklustre PC port to bring it in line with the PlayStation version.


Sony has recently started to release its PlayStation-exclusive games on PC, with ports of titles like Horizon: Zero Dawn and God of War. But this isn’t a new phenomenon: back in 1995, Wipeout from Sony-owned studio Psygnosis was released on PC at around the same time as it appeared as a launch title for the PlayStation in Europe. But unfortunately, the PC port was pretty terrible.

It lacked the fancy lighting of the PlayStation original, the graphics looked horribly pixelly and, most heinously of all, many of the game’s signature thumping electronic tunes were missing.

Now, some 28 years later, a fan remaster has given some TLC to the lacklustre Wipeout PC port, to the point where it now exceeds the PlayStation version. As reported by DSO Gaming, Wipeout Phantom Edition features an uncapped frame rate and high-resolution rendering, while the scenery pop-in that plagued the original has been eliminated.

In addition, there are now three different options for how your ship responds to a collision, with one replicating the much more forgiving collisions in later Wipeout games. There are plenty of other quality-of-life improvements, too, including widescreen support and the ability to use custom tracks. You can find a full list of the improvements on the Github page for the mod.

However, there’s a caveat. In order to run the game, you will need the data files from the US PlayStation version of Wipeout.

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