Analogue Pocket – Glow in the Dark edition announced, ships in September

analogue pocket glow

A luminous version of the FPGA-powered handheld, the Analogue Pocket, is on the way. The Glow in the Dark edition will ship in early September.


There are all kinds of options available when it comes to playing handheld games from the 1980s and 90s, ranging from using original hardware to emulation. The truly luxurious route, though, is surely the Analogue Pocket, an FPGA-powered device that, thanks to various adaptors, provides compatibility for such classic handhelds as the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket and more besides.

If you missed out on the original wave of Analogue’s pocket console, which originally launched in December 2021, there’s a new, more spectral option available.

The Analogue Pocket: Glow in the Dark edition is, as its name suggests, a version of the console that glows an unearthly green when played in a darkened room. Manufactured in the sort of plastic you might associate with those skulls you can buy around Halloween, the Pocket will glow for up to eight hours after being exposed to light from the sun or a bulb, meaning you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy ghostly games like the Game Boy’s Kid Dracula, probably with a duvet over your head.

Pre-orders for the Analogue Pocket: Glow in the Dark begin on 1 September, with the device priced at $249.99 – that’s $30 more than the original versions from a couple of years ago. Whether the price increase is due to the expense of that luminous plastic or inflation isn’t clear. If Analogue’s previous systems are anything to go by, the Glowing Pocket will sell out pretty quickly – so be sure to get your orders in sharpish if the idea of green-hued FPGA handheld sounds like your sort of thing.

The Glowing Pocket will ship just a few days after pre-orders go live, on the 5 September, so the handheld should be with you just in time for Samhain. Spooktacular!

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