Christopher Nolan movies heading to Fortnite

Filmmaker Christopher Nolan is well known as being hugely protective of cinemas; the experience of watching a film in a proper moviehouse. His next film, Tenet, is the only blockbuster movie that’s not abandoned a summer cinema release this year in response to the Covid lockdown.

Christopher Nolan is keen, it’s been widely reported, to position his $200m+ new film as a way to lure filmgoers back to cinemas.

Separately to that, and suitably bizarrely against that context, Nolan’s back catalogue is
being raided to give Fortnite players something to watch. Whether the
director himself is on board with this is unclear. Likewise, whether he’s ever
won a Battle Royale is subject to debate.

All that notwithstanding, in the latest example of the wildly popular online game being used to house an assortment of live shows, screenings of a trio of his films are set to be hosted in-game.

First up for us in the UK? The Prestige, the acclaimed mind-messer from 2006 starring Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman. The pair play magicians who become rivals and enemies, and, well, it’s really very good. It’s screening in-game on Friday 26th June at 5pm

Meanwhile in this mini-season of movies, both Batman Begins and Inception are also playing in different countries. Commence the arguments on which nation gets the best first film… now.

All of this takes place in Fortnite’s Party Royale arena. Popcorn not provided, and no
killing each other until it’s all over. Find all the details you need right here.



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