Clock Tower | Horror classic getting a remaster for PC and consoles

clock tower remaster

Clock Tower, the survival horror classic originally released in 1995, is getting a modern remaster courtesy of WayForward and Limited Run Games.


Once a Japanese exclusive, point-and-click survival horror Clock Tower is to get a remaster for PC and consoles. Announced as part of Limited Run Games’ LRG3 showcase, the remaster is a collaboration between the publisher and Capcom, Sunsoft and WayForward.

First released for the Super Famicom in 1995, Clock Tower soon attracted a cult following thanks to its suspense, lack of weapons, and the unnerving presence of its nightmarish antagonist, Scissorman. The game received ports to other platforms, including PC and Wonderswan, and even got an enhanced edition for the PlayStation in 1997, but none have ever been released in the west – instead, English-speaking fans have had to settle for fan translations.

WayForward’s remaster will not only provide an official English translation, but also some new additions, including a hand-drawn, animated introduction overseen by the port’s creative lead, Mariel Cartwright, a theme song performed by Silent Hill's Mary McGlynn, save states, and other quality of life improvements.

“I think putting it on modern platforms is fantastic,” enthuses WayForward QA manager Jeremy Pryer in the remaster’s announcement video. “It allows more people to experience something they may never have seen before. We’re definitely looking into doing more of these [remasters]. Personally, I want to see more horror games.”

Clock Tower is a game I discovered when I was sixteen,” says Cartwright. “It holds a really special place in my heart because at the time it was the scariest thing I’d ever played… We have a tonne of games where you’re fighting monsters and shooting them with guns and that can be scary, but Clock Tower is distinct in that you don’t have any of those tools… it is true survival horror.”

Clock Tower is due for release in early 2024 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

You can read the full list of Limited Run Games’ other announcements here.

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