Cyberpunk 2077 releases; is played by everyone immediately

cd projekt red

Cyberpunk 2077 released worldwide today on PC, PS4, and Xbox One… oh, and Stadia, I suppose. We can all bleat on about it being a hugely anticipated title, but the proof is in the numbers: over a _million_ people were playing the game concurrently on Steam just a few hours after the game’s launch.

That’s a huge number, in case you need it pointing out, with other ultra-big single-player games getting concurrent figures closer to the 500k mark.

Cyberpunk 2077’s 1,003,264 concurrent players figure puts it in fourth place in the all-time most-people-playing-it-at-the-same-time charts on Valve’s PC gaming platform, behind just DOTA 2, CSGO, and PUBG. No other acronyms rank higher than CD Projekt Red’s game, it’s worth noting.

To add a bit more perspective, the fifth place all-time highest concurrent player count goes to Terraria, with 489,886 players – while the biggest triple-A title pre-Cyberpunk was Fallout 4, with 472,962 concurrent players.

And, of course, none of this takes into account the further millions playing the game on PS4 and Xbox One (and PS5 and Xbox Series S/X), or the 23 people playing it on Stadia.

So it seems as long as you have hit all the right marketing beats over the past however many bloody years it was, players will forgive you any number of delays, and any amount of controversy surrounding enforced crunch or perceived transphobia. Huz..zah?

Thanks to VG247.

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