EA Sports FC 24| Look at all these wonky footballers on the cover

Detail from cover of EA Sports FC 24

The cover of EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition has been revealed, featuring some very odd digital portraits.


As reported by Eurogamer, the newly revealed cover of EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Edition is very strange indeed. “Quietly horrifying” is the phrase Chris Tapsell used to describe it. On closer inspection, we can’t help but agree.

EA Sports FC24 Ultimate Edition cover

At first glance, from a distance, it looks fine. Just a load of footballers in some kind of team photo. Then you start looking more closely at the expressions and awkward poses, and suddenly it all gets a little creepy. What is that bloke in the top right staring at? Why are the faces all lumpy?

I confess to knowing absolutely nothing about football, but I do know what humans look like, and there’s definitely something a bit off here. Too many fixed smiles and vacant stares. It looks as if an AI was told to generate a bunch of footballers, and the result is a group of footballer waxworks. I’m not saying that EA actually used AI to create this cover – it seems more likely that they simply used the digital models from the game – but it results in that same uncanny valley feeling. The feeling that something isn’t quite right.

As I said, I don’t know anything about football, so I have no idea who any of these people are. Let’s call the guy in the top right Barry Trainers. Barry seems to have come to the realisation that he left the oven on just as the photographer took the picture.

And look here at the woman in the middle – let’s call her Marjory Offside. Marjory is staring daggers at her agent, who’s just off to the side of the camera. “How did you end up booking me for this?” she seethes.

EA still hasn’t revealed the ‘regular’ cover for EA Sports FC 24, although the firm has promised more details about the upcoming game in a livestream on Thursday 13th July. The game is rumoured to be set for a September release, but presumably we’ll find out for sure on Thursday.

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