Far Cry 7 | Potential story details emerge

This isn't far cry 7 - it's far cry 5, but it's the best we have at the moment.

The upcoming Far Cry 7 will be about “rescuing the player’s kidnapped family,” according to Insider Gaming’s sources.

In the wake of falling profits, Ubisoft may be doubling down on the Assassin’s Creed franchise, but it’s still plugging away at the other properties. The company announced the other day that Tom Clancy’s The Division 3 is in the works, but almost casually, like somebody telling their housemate they were just off to the corner shop.

Ubisoft is also working on Far Cry 7 behind the scenes, too, and Insider Gaming has potential details about the open-world shooter’s story. According to the site’s anonymous sources, Far Cry 7 will take place on a fictional island called Kimsan, located somewhere in South East Asia; meanwhile, its story will see the player’s family kidnapped, and the mission being to roam the island in an attempt to get them back.

“The game’s plot revolves around a wealthy family that has been kidnapped by a conspiracy group currently called the ‘Sons of Truth’,” Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson writes, adding that the story will be non-linear, and that the player will be free to rescue their family members in any order they choose.

The next bit may prove to be a bit divisive in some quarters, though: the same site’s sources also suggest that Far Cry 7 will have a time-limit: you’ll have 24 real-world hours (equivalent to 72 hours in-game) to rescue everyone. While the in-game clock will pause when you enter safe houses, we can imagine it being rather frustrating if you’ve poured 24 hours of your life into Far Cry 7, only to hit a bad ending because you failed to rescue your Auntie Jean at the last second.

Insider Gaming also adds that there’ll be an interrogation element to the game, so you’ll need to annoy enemies until they give up the location of a family member. Just to add to the heart-wrenching nature of it all, said family members can also die if you mess things up, which will alter the trajectory of the plot. We’re so sorry, Aunt Jean.

Far Cry 7, as it’s currently dubbed, is said to be targeting a 2025 release date, so it’s a long way off yet.

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