Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves marks series return after more than 20 years

fatal fury city of the wolves

SNK’s Neo Geo fighting series is back, as Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves gets a teaser trailer featuring Terry Bogard and Rock Howard.


“Legends never die. They get better!” So goes the tagline for Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves – a new entry in an SNK fighting series that has remained dormant since the late 1990s.

SNK’s announcement, which coincided with the EVO 2023 annual fighting tournament over the weekend, also came with a tantalisingly brief teaser trailer. It shows off, for a few scant seconds, familiar opponents Terry Bogard and Rock Howard, as well as a glimpse at what we’re guessing will be the finished game’s cel-shaded art style.

By all means, have a gander:

The Fatal Fury series began on the Neo Geo console/arcade system in 1991 with Fatal Fury: King of Fighters, and a series of sequels, updates and spin-offs appeared regularly for the rest of the decade.

The series met its end with 1999’s Garou: Mark of the Wolves, initially for the Neo Geo but quickly ported to other consoles, including Dreamcast and PS2. A sequel was put into production and was reportedly almost complete when the plug was pulled at some point in the 2000s. Both fans and SNK artist and designer Nobuyuki Kuroki artist have long held out for a revival, though, and we got our first tease of a new sequel earlier this year.

As Gematsu reported in April, a teaser trailer put out by SNK, showcasing some of its upcoming projects, announced that a new Fatal Fury was “furiously in development,” and included concept art of returning fighters Terry Bogard, Andy Bogard, and Joe Higashi.

Little else is known about Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves at present – not even platforms or a rough release date – though the teaser above gives some clues as to the locations where people will punch and kick each other (Geese Tower, Factory, National Park, and so forth).

Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves wasn’t the only announcement to emerge from EVO 2023 over the weekend, either. There was also Tekken 8 and its coffee-loving new fighter, and Street Fighter 6's upcoming addition to its roster, A.K.I., who likes giving people potentially fatal, diarrhoea-inducing pills.


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