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Grasshopper Manufacture, makers of No More Heroes and Killer7, briefly teased a new, mystery project in its Direct webcast.


Continuing the somewhat manic tone of its Shadows of the Damned: Remastered announcement trailer, Grasshopper Manufacturer’s Direct webcast was a wild amalgam of footage from previous games and odd comedy routines.

Toward the end of all the 25th anniversary celebrations (Grasshopper was founded in 1998, fact fans), though, founder Suda51 is filmed sitting in front of a screen, playing a mystery game.

Much of the game is blurred out – so we can’t see the protagonist – but as noted by VGC, it’s just about possible to make out some items on an inventory screen on either side of the obscured character. There are a pair of weapons – Spazer and Brynhildr – and three meters – Health, Blood, Emerald Flowsion.

There are also a bunch of item slots on the right of the screen that appear to be empty, as well as a timer counting down from two minutes, 25 seconds.

That’s not much to go on, admittedly, and the glimpse was very obviously planned to avoid giving anything away. That the central character was blurred out is mildly intriguing, though; could it be a returning face from one of Grasshopper’s earlier titles?

Grasshopper is, of course, less coy about its other project on the horizon – Shadows of the Damned: Remastered, a new edition of its grungy third-person shooter. There’s no release date set, though Grasshopper’s Direct informed us that the remaster is “Coming to all current platforms. Probably.”

You can catch up with the entire (surprisingly compact) Grasshopper Direct below.

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