Sony explains why Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic videos are being removed

Key art for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic remake

Sony has blamed a music licensing issue for the removal of videos and social media posts on the remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

As reported last week, Sony has been quietly removing trailers and social media posts relating to the remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The remake was originally being developed by Embracer-owned Aspyr in collaboration with Sony, but allegedly, development switched over to Saber Interactive last year, another Embracer-owned studio.

Now, in a statement to sites including Eurogamer and IGN, Sony has explained why the posts and videos have been removed. “As part of normal business, we delist assets with licensed music when the licenses expire,” a Sony spokesperson said. In this case, it appears that the music in question is the Star Wars theme, which is playing behind the trailer.

But in some ways this statement only deepens the mystery. For example, the trailer in the original PlayStation Showcase – which features the same Star Wars music – is still up on PlayStation’s YouTube channel.

There’s also the question of why the music license has expired. “Not sure Sony’s statement on the removal of the KOTOR Remake trailer and tweets will make anyone feel better about the game’s prospects,” said IGN news editor Wesley Yin-Poole on X (Twitter). Indeed.

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