Former Hearthstone devs switch focus to new Blizzard project

Buzz has been growing around a possible new CCG in the works at Blizzard after it was revealed that two senior Hearthstone devs have moved on to a secretive new project at the company.

Hearthstone designer Mike Donais initially confirmed that he had shifted his focus away from Hearthstone, but remained tight-lipped about what he was working on instead.

“As of January, I don’t work on HS,” Donais said during a recent live stream. “I am (still) at Blizzard, can’t say what the game is.”

Fellow Blizzard designer Dean Ayala also says that Donais’ attention is now elsewhere.

“He still gives us advice and just recently pitched us a robo-murloc design for Battlegrounds even though he had already moved on from the team. Thanks Mike, I know we can always count on you for murloc designs and murloc related puns.

“Battlegrounds is now a responsibility of the card design team, so the same team that works on expansions will now also handle content production for that game mode.”

It’s pretty easy to put 2 and 2 together and make “new Blizzard CCG”, especially after designer Peter Whalen posted that he’s in the midst of “making something cool” with Donais:

We …would like to know more.

H/T PC Gamer

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